Melissa Ferrick



Ferrick_Membership - Subscription/Donation

this is a subscription based platform which started in Nov. of 2014 by me as a way to help me fund the making of this new record. To create a way for fans to engage and communicate with me and other folks who love music. Think of this as a member based platform, a subscription. This started in Nov. 2014 as a closed FB page and since then I have built, with my colleague Ashley (a code writer from the great state of MI), a username and password protected website accessible only to members. This web site contains downloads of my songs which have never been released before as well as ways for us all to discuss and learn form each-other. This platform will complete it's first 12 month period in Nov. 2015, it is a one time fee. You are given direct downloads of at least 20 songs within the 12 month period of time along with the ability to communicate with other Ferrick fans and me creating new ways of thinking about music and how we can all feel good about supporting the artist we care about while I am able to get my music into your ears and hearts in a way i have never been able to before. This platform does NOT use a fourth party, meaning there is no 15% going to Kickstarter or pledgemusic or other company like that this is a direct Paypal transfer into my Right On Records account. This is the most efficient direct way you can help ease the financial burden on me to write, record, mix and master music. Sign up now if you can.